First Presbyterian Church

(corner of S Fulton & W Innes Streets)

308 W Fisher St

Salisbury NC 28144

Church Office (704-636-1321)

Monday - Thursday: 8:00-5:00 

Friday - 8:00 - 1:00

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Week 4

As you reflect on this week's Broken. Open. here are a few questions to ponder....

*This week’s digital resources are particularly appropriate to explore as a family.  

The Peace Out Podcast “Scared” is written for kids but will be meaningful to all.  There is a bit of guided movement suggested in the podcast, but it can be adapted or ignored by those with limited movements.


After listening to the “Scared” podcast talk with someone (or journal) about what you are scared of.  What is it about that thing or situation that makes you scared? What might you do to help combat or lessen the fear?


After watching the interview with Mr Rogers. Talk with someone or journal about where you have seen “helpers” either in the last few weeks or in other times of brokenness. How might you be a helper during these unusual times?