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I have always dreamed of being pregnant at Christmas. I’ve wondered what growing life within me might teach me about Jesus’ first home within Mary or what I might discover about the ever-turning nature of life and death or what I might learn about God as we co-create life together. I still hope for many of those things but my first lesson of pregnancy was much more mundane.

On a chilly Saturday morning in September, I nearly fainted while leading a volunteer training for our in-person worship services. Those volunteers were likely the first to suspect that their pastor might be pregnant. My mistake? I only ate a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast. In my first trimester, I craved carbs but my body needed something more substantial to sustain me beyond my passing cravings. Lesson learned: when you’re growing new life, carbs alone just won’t cut it, you need something hearty.

Turns out, this lesson is true in our spiritual life. At some point or another, we all crave the sweet snack that satisfies us with simple solutions or the quick meal that fills us up but leaves us unchanged. Yet sometimes what we want is not what we need. This year, in Advent, God is setting the table for a hearty feast of Biblical wisdom that provides us just what we need.

Join us this Advent as we find new life through the theme, Incarnation. Each week we will feast on a deeper understanding of what it means that Jesus took on flesh and dwelt among us. The Message puts it like this, “And the word became flesh and moved into the neighborhood.” This is a great year to focus on Incarnation, on Jesus becoming flesh. We have experienced the shock of sudden change, navigated the tumult of a pandemic, and changed our routines. From dreams of what this year might be, to our normal ways of worshiping to loved ones who have died, we all have much to grieve. When Jesus moved into the neighborhood of our world, he did not first check comps or the school district—he moved in knowing that our neighborhood is a downright mess. Jesus took on flesh and moved next door knowing that we are all ravenously hungry in need of a good homecooked meal.

Jesus gave himself as that very homecooked meal. The root word of incarnation is carne which translates to meat. Jesus is the meaty center piece of our spiritual nourishment. Join us for worship, whether in person or online, join a digital Sunday school class or small group. Join us as we feast on the hearty spiritual meal of incarnation and discover what new life God wants to co-create inside of all of us this Christmas.

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