Race Relationships @ FPC


What is the Race Task Force (RTF)?

The Race Task Force at First Presbyterian was created by the session to address our church’s responsibility and response to the problem of racial inequality in our country and community.  We have been meeting regularly since June 2020. This is a list of some of the things we’ve been working on:

  • We have been educating ourselves on racial inequality and inequity, white privilege, and implicit bias individually and as a group by attending training, reading books and articles, and watching videos on these subjects.

  • We have explored our own implicit biases and our own complicity in the perpetuation of racial inequality in our country.

  • We have researched what other communities of faith have been doing about racial inequality as well as what other groups in Rowan County are working on.

  • We are planning educational opportunities for the members of FPC  such as Sunday school curriculum, offering workshops like Racial Inequity training, and starting book discussion groups.

  • We are also looking into FPC’s own difficult past with slavery and racial inequality.

The Race Task Force (RTF) is not:

We also want to make sure to tell you what we are not.

  • We are not a political group

  • We are not an activist group

  • We are not the “race police” of our church

  • We are not trying to force anyone to participate

Also, we want to make sure you know that there is a group in our church that has been doing this work for 5 years now.  The group consists of our own Discovery class and a class from Crown in Glory Lutheran church.  This group meets for food, fellowship, and to discuss racial issues on a monthly basis.  The Race Task Force is hoping to encourage more groups like this in our church and community.


For more information please contact Jennifer Selby at 704.798.5241 or  jennifer_selby@ymail.com.



The mission of the Race Task Force (RTF) is to demonstrate the love and grace of Christ by

promoting anti-racism at First Presbyterian Church (FPC) in Salisbury, NC. 


The RTF will strive to fulfill this mission by:

  • Exploring the biblical and theological foundations of anti-racism through the study of scripture’s story and themes.

  • Providing regular engagement opportunities in a safe space that are open to all FPC members

  • Serving as the primary clearinghouse for all race-related and reconciliation programs and events at FPC, including:

            *Supporting individuals and groups within FPC as they seek to incorporate anti-racism themes into                        programming and events

            *Publicizing such programming and events within FPC, and if applicable, in the community

            *Assisting individual and groups with curriculum and other resources as needed

  • Acting as FPC’s central location for the collection, organization, and distribution of educational materials, resources, and other documents related to the mission of the RTF

  • Providing updates to the Session, making recommendations [as needed] to the Session, and requesting formal Session approval for activities that fall under the mission of the RTF at FPC

  • Discernment of the presence of the Holy Spirit through personal and communal prayer.