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Lessons & Series

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November 19: 2 Corinthians with Dr Brad Trick
November 12: 1 Corinthians with Keith Garner
November 5: All Saints' Sunday - Remembering our Classmates
October 29: Galatians 3 & 4 with Keith Garner
October 15: Galatians 2 with Dr Brad Trick
October 8: Romans 7 with John Cave
October 1: Romans 2 with Vick Bost
September 24: John 8 with Rev Steve Combs
September 17: John 7 with Dr Brad Trick
September 10: Luke 14 with Keith Garner
September 3: Luke 11 with Vick Bost
August 27:  with Dennis McCoy
August 20: with Brad Trick
August 13: Thinking About Promise, Faith & Hope with Trevor Eppehimer
August 6: Galatians 5 with Trevor Eppehimer
July 30: Generation Z and Christianity with Jack Fisher
July 23: Acts 16-17, Apostle Paul in Greece & Turkey with John Cave
July 16: Grace - What Would We Do Without It? with John Drye
July 9: Living in Digital Babylon with Rev Josh Musser Gritter
July 2: Bible Study and Faith Formation with Dr Randy Kirby
June 25: Smart Phones, Social Media and the Gospel
with Rev. Lara Musser Gritter

June 11: Isaiah 65 with Keith Garner
June 4: Isaiah 52 with Vick Bost
May 28: Lessons from Your 20s with Banks Fisher
May 21: Acts 8 with Dr. Brad Trick
May 14: Legacy 200 with Rev Josh Musser Gritter & Dan Williams
April 9: Luke 23 with Dr. Brad Trick
April 2: Luke 23 with Vick Bost
March 26: Mark 5 with Dr. Bob Lewis
March 19: 1st Corinthians 12 with Dr. Brad Trick
March 12: Matthew 18 with Keith Garner
March 5: Luke 15 with Vick Bost
February 26: A Journey of Faith with Max Fisher
February 19: James 2 with Dr. Brad Trick
February 12: 2 Timothy with Vick Bost
January 29: Joel with Dr. Randy Kirby
January 22: Isaiah 58 with Randy Lassiter
January 15: Isaiah 48 with Carole Simmons
January 8: Isaiah 43 with Keith Garner
January 1: 2 Chronicles 7 with Vick Bost

Christian Faith and the Work of Rene Girard with Dr Trevor Eppehimer
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

God Calls Abraham's Family
Week 1: The Call of Abraham with Vick Bost
Week 2: God Chooses the Younger Twin with Keith Garner
Week 3: The Story of Jacob with Dr. Brad Trick
Week 4: Judah and Tamar with Rev. Steve Combs

Truth and Christian Faith with Dr. Trevor Eppehimer
Week 1: Christian Truth as Moral Truth
Week 2: Christian Truth Is What it Does
Week 3: Christian Truth as Paradoxical
Week 4: Christian Truth as Historical

The Significance Series with Dr. Bradley R. Trick

Week 1: The Significance of Preparation
Week 2: The Significance of the Wedding Banquet
Week 3: The Significance of Jesus' Death
Week 4: The Significance of Jesus' Resurrection

Women of the Bible 

Week 1: Prophesying Daughters led by Carole Simmons
Week 2: Called to Evangelize led by Dr. Barrie Kirby
Week 3: Mary Magdalene: A Faithful Disciple led by Rev. Lara Musser Gritter
Week 4: Priscilla: Called to Minister led by Elizabeth Snelbaker
Week 5: Lydia: Called to Serve led by Kathy Vestal

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